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VV Multi Trade

Company About

"VV Multi Trade" is a private limited company established in 2023 from "VV Mart and Construction," founded in 2018. "VV Mart" is a retail business offering a wide range of Sri Lankan and international products under one roof. "VV Construction" boasts 15 years of experience in designing homes, shops, malls, and religious buildings in the Northern Province. In 2018, it formally ventured into the construction field. To signify our ongoing growth, "VV Mart & Construction" has now been registered as "VV Multi Trade (Pvt) Ltd." This expansion encompasses our involvement in the FMCG manufacturing sector, with a primary goal of generating more employment opportunities for our younger generation.

Our Vision

"To become a company that provides a diverse range of business services, all conveniently under one roof."

Our Mission

"Discovering new business opportunities based on market demands and delivering high-quality business services to a wide range of customers, guided by the principles of reliability and customer satisfaction."